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Burial, Cremation or Composting?

Seriously, somebody has come up with the ridiculous idea of composting human remains. It’s about as natural as can be, in theory – it doesn’t involve sophisticated containers and chemicals like alkaline hydrolisis, another ridiculous novelty.

Just because something is possible doesn’t mean we should do it. But people being people, ever imaginative but not necessarily sensible, somebody’s bound to try it, like cryogenics.

forest grave site marked by cross
Simple wooden cross on nature grave in the forest
A more legitimate and much less yucky alternative to chemical embalming and energy intensive cremation is green burial. How would you rather end up, as soil around your sister or son’s begonias or nurturing a forest somewhere?

Me? I’d prefer neither. I’d like to be placed in a tree, dried out by the sun, food for the ravens and racoons. I like the idea of bones falling to the ground eventually and being scattered too.