… Professionally prepared wills and powers of attorneys for Canadians drafted by Ontario lawyers. 
We provide advice on both form and content. We will ensure your will is a legally effective document. And we will help you to understand what will be in your estate and how to make sure it goes to the people you want it to. And we will prepare for you Powers of Attorney, which are powerful documents that can help you manage your affairs while you are alive.

…is a project of Social Enterprise Advocates (SEA).  We provide legal services for social enterprises, non-profits, charities and purpose-driven businesses: we’re a law firm. Deep down we are about helping people do good in the world. We do that in a number of ways. At the most informal, social level, we help people find each other, building networks to give and get support. A little up from the deep depths, we help people find money for their ventures, mostly by crafting grants, proposals and pitches. Right on the surface, we serve clients with legal work that includes; incorporation, by-laws and governance, charitable status, all forms of contracting: employment, privacy, confidentiality, user agreements, and intellectual property management. We also provide personal legal services for our clients.


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